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Garden Cabin in Cambridge

When we met with our client in Cambridge to discuss his proposed garden room the main request was for a room big enough to be used as a garden office with additional space for storing office materials and a seating area to relax when taking a break from work. He also wanted to be able to enjoy the view into the garden and have an office that had plenty of light. Another request was for our on-site team to build a wood store in matching materials to the garden office, to sit close by.


We designed a contemporary garden room that is to be used as a garden office but can be used in many different ways due to its highly insulated properties and abundance of internal floor space. The main shape of the garden room floor plan was designed with two recessed storage areas which we propose to build bespoke storage cupboards and shelves. Corner glazing has been added to the front aluminium bifold doors to enhance the views into the garden and to allow the light to penetrate the room. A large overhang of the roof and side walls adds a modern look to this garden room and helps maintain comfortable temperatures internally by controlling any possibilities of overheating from the summer sun. A 3m deep decking area will be built to the front to allow the enjoyment of the outdoors when taking a break from the office. Instead of building a wood store for our client to sit close by to the garden room, we designed a store into the building itself which further enhances the stunning look of this garden office.


Built with our trademark SIPs panels and clad in vertical western red cedar and contrasting anthracite grey aluminium doors, this unique garden room is a beautiful addition to our clients Cambridge garden.


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