5 Reasons Why A Garden Room Makes A Perfect Garden Office

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5 Reasons Why A Garden Room Makes A Perfect Garden Office

Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm and for many people a garden office has become a permanent fixture. The number of people working from home increases daily. Many companies have realized the benefits of their staff working from home, it is money-saving, better for the environment, flexible working- and if working from home becomes permanent for you or maybe it already has, but you are currently working in your spare room at home. You are going to need a better place to work than the spare room! If your garden space allows, then perhaps it is time to invest in a garden room?

Here at Studio Garden Rooms, we specialize in creating comfortable, relaxing garden office spaces that we can help turn into your slice of peace and quiet, away from a busy household.

1. A Quiet Zone:

The biggest bonus of having an insulated garden office is that you can escape the noise of your home. It is perfect for when you’ve got a Zoom meeting and you really need to concentrate and need peace and quiet. Also your garden room will come with insulation plus soundproofing which will allow you to feel completely at ease in the knowledge that you won’t be disturbed.

A garden room office allows you to get things done in peace.

2. Flexible Working

Flexible working is great for spending more quality time with your friends and family and having  no where to commute to. More of your spare time can also be spent on relaxing and spending time on yourself which will have an impact on your general mental health. Flexible working additionally means that you can work around your lifestyle and what works for you. For example, if your job allows, you could work longer hours into the night if that suits you better or get up earlier and finish earlier.

3. Inspiration For Ideas

When you’re someone that relies on generating creative ideas for your business or job- being in an environment that can help inspire ideas is very important. Looking onto your garden or being close to nature is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing and helps you to relax and think.

A positive frame of mind and enough physical mental space to work through ideas can really make a difference when you’re working on something fresh and new and need some new perspectives.

4. Garden Office:

Lets face it, when it comes to a Zoom call being scheduled we all dread it, especially if you have kids in the house. You can guarantee that as soon as you go live you notice that pile of mess in the corner of the room, the sounds of the TV, the washing machine or the front door going off all during the phone calls, it doesn’t exactly give off that you are professional. A garden office will take you away from all of that worry and give you the calming atmosphere you need in order to get your job done well.

5. Leave Your Work Behind- At The End Of The Day

Of course working from home has so many amazing pros to it; no commute, access to your home comforts, in for deliveries. But one common downside is that you can never fully leave your work behind because it is always there niggling away at you. It can be so easy just to say ‘oh just another hour’, or to pop up to finish a little bit more work off before the morning or to just ‘quickly’ click back into your emails but none of these things give you a healthy work/life balance that you need. By moving your office out of your home and into a garden office, you will be able to leave work for the day and lock the door behind you and return back to your home without a second thought.

Having a garden office allows you to keep your workplace separate from your home and will help you switch off at the end of the day.

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