Garden Rooms – Are They Right For You?

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Garden Rooms – Are They Right For You?

Garden rooms are the latest and most popular trend when it comes to improving your house. There are many benefits of having a garden room and are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your home life.  We have a range of different designs, shapes, and sizes of garden rooms and they come with a wide range of benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Garden Rooms?

Garden living is rising in popularity by the day and is becoming a new trend in many household designs. Especially when it comes to more modern houses. Garden rooms range in all different sizes, shapes, and designs to make them suited to you and all properties. There are many, many different ways a garden room can benefit you and your family.

Since the pandemic homeworking has become a real option for thousands of people as businesses see the many benefits it can bring in terms of staff productivity and business resilience. Having a garden room installed is the perfect solution for working from home!

Have you recently brought a house or want to do up the garden in  your current home but you are currently on the fence and are unsure how one of our products could make a difference to your life, you’re in luck! We have made a list of some of the benefits a garden building can bring to you.

Extra Living Space:

With the way the housing market is at the moment, it is very hard to get hold of one and let alone getting hold of one, the prices are skyrocketing on the daily. Space is quickly becoming a luxury that many struggle to afford, which is why a Garden Room is the perfect solution.

Garden rooms are versatile additions which provide you with the space that would otherwise be impossible for you to achieve through a traditional property extension. Whether you are looking to create a luxury retreat for you to escape to in your garden, space for you to start a new hobby, to work in or just to simply have more storage, a garden room is your answer. Plus, it is also a perfect solution for those who are looking to create an extra living space or for when people are visiting to stay in!

Garden room living area

Inside a garden room


Less Expensive:

Normally, expanding your home would mean months and months or even years of planning and expenditure when you account for the planning permission, surveying, construction and so much more, the list goes on! Having a Garden Room installed instead takes away the stress, time and most importantly the cost out of extending your home with a range of designs available to suit your budget. All our garden rooms are bespoke and highly insulated.

Quick Installation:

With home extensions, the installation process is typically a long and gruelling one. After your planning permission has finally been accepted, construction can take months, which then leaves you with agitated and disturbed in your own home, which you definitely don’t want! However, this is not the case when it comes to having your Garden Room installed. Installation can typically be completed within a week, however, our annexes take slightly longer and can take between 2-6 week installation depending on the size. We can design and build garden rooms of any size to suit.

Increases Property Value:

Just like any addition to your home, it adds value to your property. A Garden Room is a perfect and contemporary means of adding value to your property. Whether you are renovating your home to sell in the near future or just simply looking ahead, this is an addition that will definitely catch peoples eye when they potentially buy.

The Perfect Space To Relax and Unwind:

We’re all searching for a place to get away to when your daily life gets too much and you just want to go to another place other than your home,  a garden room is the perfect place for that. It is a place you can completely make your own and a place where you can just be calm, relax and unwind from your day.

More Privacy:

If you’re wanting to make a retreat or a room suited for where you can do your hobbies, privacy is crucial. When you are connected to your house but you’re just in another room, of course privacy isn’t going to be at its highest. But a garden room does separate you from the house and gives you more privacy than a home extension would.

This also does allow you to make more noise than you would be able to do in a house with neighbours right next to you. Its perfect for when you want to watch a loud film at the weekend or listen to music really loud with your friends. Our garden rooms are the perfect solution.


Garden office pod

Contemporary garden rooms


Whatever your requirements are for a garden studio, room or pod, with our fully bespoke service you can have any design you require. One thing that you will always end up with is a fully insulated garden room installed and fully project managed. A turnkey solution that offers bespoke services that include design, planning, project management and building.

Contact us today for a chat about your proposed garden room project. Bespoke garden rooms designed around you.

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